Steel worker bunk beds we produce for construction sites, dormitories and hotels are among our most preferred products due to their economical prices and long life. Our wide range of products and Turkey always stand by our valued customers with quick delivery advantages of each region.

Metal Personal Cabinets are for personal delicacy and safety and can be produced in different colors and models upon request. It can be used with a key lock or a padlock.

There are 6 types of mattresses for a comfortable sleep; sponge mattress, selen mattress, royal mattress, honeycomb mattress, patterned mattress, economic spring mattress. Easy to use, durable foldable bed base, bedstead types that you can install without the hassle of assembly.

Quality textile products at an affordable price; duvets, pillows, plush blankets, bed linens

Standing cabinets, economical coat racks, dressers, shoe stands, work tables and multi-purpose cabinets are available.

Base and headboards that you can use for many years thanks to its soft padded headboard, quality fabric coating, wonderful design and durable skeleton structure.


In our rapidly changing world, we have aimed to bring a new breath to the construction sector, which progresses with an increasing trend day by day.

In this direction, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a pioneer in the field of Construction Site Products with our young and dynamic team and we aim to serve our valued customers for many years.

Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions. We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our stringent quality control standards.